Clair’s Teas of Joy are a response to requests for teas that taste pleasant, are 100% natural and are full of healthy botanical herbs that do you good. Clair knows from experience that having ingested the teas and feeling great you can open your heart and mind to being fully alive.

Healing teas have for centuries been an integral part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Tea has been used to boost the health and bring the body and mind into harmony. Clair’s Teas of Joy have been specially selected and crafted by us to help you do this. Our teas not only can help in the prevention of illness and the restoration of health but also have delicious flavours. They encourage emotional harmony, stress alleviation, immune boosting and detoxification. Taking three of these teas once each day for a month builds an all-round protection and harmonization for physical, emotional, and biological wellbeing. In our first collection - to build up your energy - please enjoy an emotional balancing tea in the morning, followed by an immune boosting tea in the afternoon, and in the evening to promote better sleep a Sleep Easy tea.

A staunch believer in organic food and good nutrition, Clair's love for healthy living and eating began at an early age. She grew up on a farm in Kent, enjoying an organic diet. Her family were tea growers in Darjeeling, so she was used to tasting and evaluating different high quality teas. She firmly believes in the beneficial impact that good nutrition and a positive mind can have on your personal health and wellbeing.  

A Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, she studied at the former London School of Oriental Medicine and subsequently studied and worked in Vietnam’s major TCM hospital where both Western and Chinese medicine were prescribed according to their effectiveness. Clair regularly incorporates teas in the treatment of her clients and has been inspired by the results. She has - personally - carefully selected the herbs for her healthy and nutritional bespoke teas, creating the right combination of natural ingredients. Each tea reflects her wish for people to above all