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Blended with Love 愛茶

Albert Place Practice 安普中醫館
Clair Beardson

Testimonials 感言

I had been having a difficult time between moving country and having a new baby and I was looking for ways to improve my overall health. 

At first, I was skeptical that teas could really help but I’m on my 7th month of teas!

I enjoy the Immune Booster in the morning, so much so that it has replaced the need for coffee! The Emotional Balance midday is really relaxing and good to have around lunch. I end my days with Gentle Digestion or the Relax & Sleep.

Taking the teas regularly has become essential to keeping me balanced!


最後發現茶真的有用,我已經喝了第 7 個月的茶了!我喜歡早上的Immune Booster,它取代了我對咖啡的需求!

中午的 Emotional Balance 真的很放鬆,很適合在午餐時間吃。我以溫和 Gentle Digestion 與 Relax and Sleep 結束我的一天。定期喝茶已成為保持平衡的必要條件!

Natasha Brown

As a student, stress has become a major part of my life. I have found Clair’s teas to be so comforting and refreshing.

Every morning, I look forward to brewing my 3 different teas for the day. After finishing my Blossom collection, I felt revitalized and fresh.

I’m now looking forward to starting my Flourish collection!

作為一名學生,壓力填滿了我的生活。我發現 柯莉亞 的茶是如此令人欣慰和提神。每天早上,我都期待著為一天沖泡 3 種不同的茶。我剛剛完成我的 Blossom 系列,簡直是煥然一新 。Flourish 系列是我下一個目標!

Sophie Patterson

These are refreshing drinks, teeming with flavour. I've had problems with my liver function and the Purify & Detoxify tea has definitely aided me in my recovery.

For mornings that my body needs a boost, the Immune Booster is my go-to drink. Having had many days of feeling run down in the past, this tea has boosted my mood and energised me to the point that it's made me feel like a different person. 

One drink of the Immune Booster tea sets the tone for the rest of the day.  After running around and having hectic days the Relax & Sleep tea is a wonderful drink to help calm me down and get me ready for a good night's sleep. 

The taste of the tea is great and always goes down well just after my evening meal. It's an ideal drink for anyone that is need of a nice relaxing evening.

Clair's Teas of Joy 有提神作用,味道濃郁。我的肝功能有問題,而Detox & Purify 無疑幫助了我的康復。

在早晨,Immune Booster 是我的首選飲品。過去有很多天感覺疲憊不堪,這款茶讓我的情緒得到了提升,讓我充滿活力,感覺自己像一個新造的人。一杯 Immune Booster 茶可為一天的餘下時間定下基調。在跑來跑去和忙碌的日子之後,

Relax & Sleep 茶是一種很好的飲料,幫助我平靜下來,讓我準備好睡個好覺。茶的味道很棒。對於需要度過一個輕鬆愉快的夜晚的人來說,這是一款理想的飲品。

Katie Pemberton

100% Natural Ingredients

Teas contain a wide spectrum of powerful antioxidants, natural amino acids, and organic acids.

Powerful Antioxidants 抗氧化作用

Our teas are rich in antioxidants which helps slow down the ageing process 茶葉內的抗氧化劑幫助你保持年輕

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