New Year, New You: Easy Ways to Detox

detoxify tea sunrise

The holidays are a wonderful time to celebrate with family and friends, but indulging in all the delicious foods and drinks can leave your body feeling slow and sluggish. We’ve put together a brief list of detox tips to nourish your body and mind so you can start 2018 feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle your goals for the new year.

  1. Get your sweat on. Sweating can help release toxins from your body so find an excuse to hit up the sauna or make a trip to the gym. Getting back into an exercise routine will also have a positive impact on your overall mood and health.
  2. Take a break from the booze. Indulging in a little extra merriment is to be expected during the festive season. Giving up booze, even for a short period of time, will have several benefits. Alcohol can interfere with sleep, dampen your regular brain function, and leave you feeling dehydrated.
  3. Focus on fresh whole foods. Eat astringent foods such as apple, oranges, grapefruits, and papaya. Bitter and astringent foods help digestion by stimulating bile production.  Improving your digestion also enables your body to absorb more nutrients.
  4. Hydrate! Hydration is key to keeping your body well-balanced. Dehydration can leave people feeling sluggish but drinking water will increase blood and oxygen flow to your brain thus improving cognitive function. Hydration is important for detoxification too. Water is essential for kidneys to process waste and flush toxins from your body.
  5. Drink herbal infusions. Toxins are temporarily stored in fat, and certain teas can help to clear the toxins. For example, dandelion is a known diuretic and promotes the clearing of toxins. Ginger helps reduce inflammation and aid digestion, thus strengthening your gut and increasing the body’s ability to absorb nutrients. Dandelion is featured in our Purify & Detoxify tea.  Ginger is featured in both our Purify & Detoxify and Gentle Digestion teas.