Simple Tips to De-Stress During The Holidays

De-stress Christmas Holiday Herbal Tea

The festive season is in full-swing and while this is the most wonderful time of year, it also can bring added stress and pressure. It’s important to manage stress and remain healthy so you can savor the season and enjoy this special time with family and friends.

Prioritizing your health is important while maintaining a hectic schedule. There are a few simple steps you can take to help keep you balanced while you indulge in all the treats and parties of the season.

  1. Take a deep breath. Carve out a few minutes of your day to practice mediation and deep breathing. Take a few moments to embrace calmness and stillness. Mediation can induce relaxation and restore balance to your mind.
  2. Get your blood flowing. Brace the cold weather, and get outdoors for some exercise. A simple brisk walk, even for as little as 10 minutes, can do wonders for your state of mind and health. Aerobic exercise is important for clearing the stress hormones and is good for both your brain and muscles. Exercise can boost your mood and lower anxiety.
  3. Keep hydrated. Consuming enough water per day is important for keeping your body well balanced. Hydration can come in the form of plain water, various foods, and other vegetables. Healthy teas are an excellent way to contribute to healthy hydration and provide your body with additional nutrients. Our soothing Emotional Balance herbal infusion can encourage a sense of calm and relaxation.
  4. Stay in bed. It’s important to get a restful night’s sleep than when you’re faced with fully-packed days. Getting a full night’s sleep helps replenish and restore your body, both physically and emotionally. Try our Relax & Sleep tea before bed and wake up refreshed and ready to enjoy the day ahead.